This section of "explorations" focused on Proportions & Hierarchy.
I was challenged to use the Gestalt Principles of similarity and continuity to create ten spreads exploring the use of type and images.
I chose images from the MBTA train system in Boston to represent the idea of being within a city environment. Trains are something looked down upon and I chose to abstract images to highlight the beauty of trains and it being this object and symbol of transportation, adventure, and mystery. 
Similarity explored through sizing 
Similarity through exploring color grouping.
Similarity through exploring direction and movement.
Continuity through pathway and use of color patterning.
Continuity through one continuing path
This is part of a larger book, called "explorations". Below is the entire chapter, to view the entire book, please go to "All Projects"
The appendix which details my process and past iterations, can be found below.

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